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Ever wanted to organize your iTunes library, but just didn’t have the time? Well, when I wanted to organize my iTunes library I had no real idea where to start. Completing this task alone can be done and with these instructions, I’m going to show how:

Checking For Duplicate Songs

  1. First, open up iTunes from the dock or your Applications folder.
  2. Once your in iTunes, go to View > Show Duplicates.
  3. Then all of the duplicate songs that were in your library should appear.
  4. Remove the ones that are duplicates.

screenshots: 1 2 3-4

Make Smart Playlists

  1. Ever since Smart Playlists came out, I stopped using the regular playlists because they just weren’t that great.
  2. With Smart Playlists, you can better organize your music based on artists, year, time, and it automatically updates every time you import music into iTunes.
  3. To create a Smart Playlist, go to File > New Smart Playlist.
  4. In the Smart playlist window, you will have several options to choose from.
  5. Let’s say you want an all 80’s music playlist:
    1. Choose Year under the first drop-down menu and in the second drop-down menu choose is in the range and then put 1980 to 1990.
    2. Don’t check off Limit to, only check off Match only checked items and Live updating.
    3. The checked items in your iTunes library will be affected by this Smart Playlist, so be sure you have checked off the songs you prefer.
    4. Now you successfully setup your first Smart Playlist.

screenshots: 3 4 5_1 – 5_3

Checking For Duplicate Album Covers

  1. Last but not least, double check and make sure your songs don’t have multiple album covers, which take up lots of disk space.
  2. Some of my iTunes songs had multiple covers because before iTunes 7, there was no album cover finder, so I used a widget, which sometimes added more than one album cover.
  3. Go to your main library which should be called Music if you are using iTunes 7 and highlight all of your songs by holding down ⌘ (Command) and the “A” key which selects all.
  4. Once you have done that, right-click on the songs and select Clear Downloaded Artwork.
  5. Then you should have no artwork with the songs that had downloaded artwork.
  6. To remove all existing artwork, select all of your songs and right-click and select Get Info.
  7. Check the Artwork box in the right side of the Get Info window.
  8. This will remove all Artwork, not just the downloaded artwork.
  9. To add album covers to your songs, simply hold down ⌘ (Command) and the “A” key to select all of your songs and click on Get Album Artwork.

screenshots: 3-4 6 7 9

Ever wanted to make your apps faster without having to get an upgrade? Through some experimentation, I believe I have found a simple way of speeding up apps. To start off:

  1. Go to Finder > Applications.
  2. Once there, choose any application such as GarageBand.
  3. After selecting your application, right-click on the name of the app.
  4. In the contextual menu, you’ll see Get Info.
  5. Click on Get Info.
  6. The Information window should come up with tons of facts about the app.
  7. In the Languages box, you should see many languages checked off.
  8. Check off all of the languages except English (“en”).
  9. Load up the app and you should see a significant improvement in the time it takes for the app to load.
  10. I noticed when clicking on the Safari icon in my dock, it only bounced once instead of 3 or 4.

screenshots: 1-2 3-5 6 7 8

I pay for tips, because last week I bought an iGo auto15 elite. What the heck is an iGo auto15 elite? First off, iGo is a brand of power adapters sold online and at RadioShack. You may ask, “What makes this power adapter so cool”? The answer is, your one power adapter will work with all of your mobile devices. No more hauling around a bunch of different chargers: one for the cell phone, one for the iPod, one for the laptop, one for the PDA, and one for the digital camera. The iGo auto15elite has interchangeable tips, which allows you to charge all of your mobile devices with the same charger. Just snap on the tip to your charger and that’s it! The power adapter uses rapid charge technology for quick charges, and you can use your mobile device while it is charging. To ensure that your iGo product is working, there is even a built in light letting you know it’s charging. The iGo auto15 elite uses A and B-series power tips and plugs into the cigarette lighter. Setting me back about 30 bucks from RadioShack, the iGo auto15 elite is a very good deal. If you want more tips you can get them at a very affordable price of $9.99. For anyone who hates the drag of carrying extra chragers/cables for their mobile electronic devices, I highly suggest checking out the iGo auto15 elite.

Thanks To Randy Joy For The Article!

There are many ways to customize Finder to your liking. I happen to like the “View As Columns” setting, just because it’s quicker when going through folders in Finder. Many times when I have a file, the name is so long it gets cut off. Most users just drag the column width temporarily, so it fits. Oddly enough, the next time you open up Finder, the column width goes back to the default setting. To keep the Finder width from changing:

  1. Open Finder and make sure you’re in the Column View mode.
  2. Hold down the Option key while holding down the the 2 small vertical marks on the bottom of a column.
  3. The next time you open Finder in the Column View mode, the filenames should fit perfectly.

screenshots: 1 2 3