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I pay for tips, because last week I bought an iGo auto15 elite. What the heck is an iGo auto15 elite? First off, iGo is a brand of power adapters sold online and at RadioShack. You may ask, “What makes this power adapter so cool”? The answer is, your one power adapter will work with all of your mobile devices. No more hauling around a bunch of different chargers: one for the cell phone, one for the iPod, one for the laptop, one for the PDA, and one for the digital camera. The iGo auto15elite has interchangeable tips, which allows you to charge all of your mobile devices with the same charger. Just snap on the tip to your charger and that’s it! The power adapter uses rapid charge technology for quick charges, and you can use your mobile device while it is charging. To ensure that your iGo product is working, there is even a built in light letting you know it’s charging. The iGo auto15 elite uses A and B-series power tips and plugs into the cigarette lighter. Setting me back about 30 bucks from RadioShack, the iGo auto15 elite is a very good deal. If you want more tips you can get them at a very affordable price of $9.99. For anyone who hates the drag of carrying extra chragers/cables for their mobile electronic devices, I highly suggest checking out the iGo auto15 elite.

Thanks To Randy Joy For The Article!