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I love using iCal, not only because it is free, but because I can manage so many calendars in one screen. With iCal, many people just use the Work and Home calendar for their basic needs. There is really so much potential with iCal such as: opening applications at certain times, emailing a friend to wish them a birthday if you forget to, sharing your calendar with your family and friends, and much much more. My favorite feature is having all of my other calendars in iCal which are: US Holidays, Football schedules, Basketball schedules, and Religious dates. Instead of buying a calendar at a bookstore, you can use iCal for all of your needs, saving you time and money. You can check out more calendars for iCal on Apple’s site.

  1. Amazing blog. I own a Mac… and this is just more helpful than the book I purchased for the same thing. If I had known, I never would have made the expense.

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