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There are many ways to customize Finder to your liking. I happen to like the “View As Columns” setting, just because it’s quicker when going through folders in Finder. Many times when I have a file, the name is so long it gets cut off. Most users just drag the column width temporarily, so it fits. Oddly enough, the next time you open up Finder, the column width goes back to the default setting. To keep the Finder width from changing:

  1. Open Finder and make sure you’re in the Column View mode.
  2. Hold down the Option key while holding down the the 2 small vertical marks on the bottom of a column.
  3. The next time you open Finder in the Column View mode, the filenames should fit perfectly.

screenshots: 1 2 3

  1. Excellent — great tip, I’ve been wondering how to do that for a while! Cheers.

  2. You would not believe how long I have been searching for this exact fix. Thanks for tip, worked great.

  3. Finally! This has been bugging me for so long… Thanks for your help.

  4. Thanks a lot! It works great.

  5. Hip, hip, ho-ray!
    Default column width have bugged since their inception. An absolutely awesome (and easy) tip!

  6. Thanks immeasurably.

  7. You’re welcome Brian.

  8. Agreed, very good tip. However, does anyone know how to have columns default to the size of the longest filename in the column? This would be similar to the double click of the || at the column’s base, but default across all windows.

  9. Hey JPL,

    As far as I can tell, there isn’t a way to do that. You can only adjust individual columns.


  10. Thx for information.

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