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These are some useful search tips for using Google’s search engine. There are lots more, but for now I’m just going to share a few that I find the most useful.

Searching For Free MP3’s

  1. Type in "index of" "mp3" "boston"
    (replace boston with any artist name or song).
  2. Choose one of the results in Google that is most relevant to the artist or song.
  3. When you see the page load with all of the “.mp3” files, right-click on the one you want and choose “Download Linked File” from the contextual menu.


  1. You can convert volumes, currencies, and more using Google’s search bar.
  2. If you want to convert a volume 5 liters to milliliters, type in "5 l to ml". Hit the “Return” key and you will get instant results.
  3. For converting currencies type in the number of what currency you have and then which currency you want to convert it to. For example "5 pesos to euros".

Defining Terms

  1. By typing in "define:" and then placing a term after the colon, Google will list all possible definitions for the term.

Getting The Time

  1. To get the time in major US cities as well as your own, type "what time is it" or just "time" in the Google search bar.

Stock Quotes

  1. To quickly see how a stock is doing, type in the stock symbol (ex: "AAPL") and you will see a graph along with the highs and lows for the day

screenshots: Free MP3’s Conversions Time Stock Quotes Defining

  1. Yep. And if you really want to get music from the internet (just throwing this out thereā€¦)

    1. Download iPhoney. (uses iPhone user-agent)
    2. Go to http://www.seeqpod.com
    3. Find your song.
    4. Copy and paste the final song URL into Safari.
    5. Download the song somehow (you can use System > Library > VerifiedDownloadAgent).

    It’s a bit complicated but it works and SeeqPod does a pretty good job of cataloging the available music.

  2. Hey Ryan,
    Also, you could just visit SadSteve.com and find the song you want there. After searching for the song, click on ‘Play Song’, then you right-click on the download link to get the song. The great thing about SadSteve is that it uses the same script as SeeqPod does to find all the songs, except it’s easier to obtain the songs from SadSteve, than from SeeqPod.


  3. This was an interesting post, I’ll be sure to implement some of what I read.

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