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When I am buying items online, it can be frustrating when the item isn’t priced in US dollars. There is a feature inside of Calculator that converts almost anything from Currency to Temperature. To start converting:

  1. Open Calculator in Finder > Applications.
  2. Once you have opened Calculator, type in the price you would like to convert.
  3. In the menubar, go to Convert > Currency…
  4. A drop-down window will appear on the calculator.
  5. In the From drop-down menu, select what type of currency you want to convert from.
  6. In the To drop-down menu, select what type of currency you would like to convert it to.
  7. Then click OK.
  8. In Calculator, look in the calculator’s screen for the new price.
  9. I recommend Updating Currency Exchange Rates so you can get exact numbers.
  10. To update the rates, while you are still in Calculator, go to the menu-bar and click on Convert > Update Currency Exchange Rates.
  11. Then it should tell you which currencies were updated.

screenshots: 1 3 4-7 10