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The day you purchase your first Mac, you’re probably excited and ready to go play with it. Without even thinking of buying the AppleCare Protection Plan, you head out of the Apple Store and drive home. The included warranty only lasts a year for technical problems and 90 days for AppleCare phone support. I’ve heard several stories where people had to pay a fee if they needed to call Apple because they didn’t have the AppleCare Protection Plan or the included warranty was expired. Shelling out the money for AppleCare Protection Plan saves you a lot if there appears to be a problem with your Mac. If you are still hesitant to buy the AppleCare Protection Plan, here are some nice features included with it: an additional 2 years of AppleCare phone support and technical support, repairs from Apple-authorized technicians, global repair coverage, and much more. If you have to send your Mac in for repair, AppleCare will take care of the whole process, so not even a nickel comes out of your pocket. If you are worried about losing the data on your hard-drive if your Mac needs a new hard-drive, Apple will take the same exact data on the old one and transfer it to the new hard-drive all for free with the AppleCare Protection Plan. Almost all of my questions have been answered through AppleCare’s phone support. The people with AppleCare have a specialty with every Mac OS version and applications. It should be pretty easy when you call AppleCare to find what you are looking for. It’s never too late to get the AppleCare Protection Plan, so go check it out on Apple’s Support page.