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One of the cooler things you can do in iTunes is share your music with others. This allows other users on your local network to listen to your music. The only problem is that you can only listen to their music and that’s it. You can’t put it in your own iTunes library or on your iPod. I used to use an app called ourTunes, which allowed you to view and download songs from another users’ library on your local network. This application worked great until iTunes 7 was released. Since then, it stopped working. I found a much better app out there called MyTunesRSS, which uses an open port on your Mac to share your music. Here’s how to use MyTunesRSS to share your music:

  1. After you’ve downloaded MyTunesRSS, it should appear on your desktop. Click on the MyTunesRSS folder and open up up MyTunesRSS.
  2. Once MyTunesRSS opens up, it will set itself up, so you may have to wait a few seconds.
  3. In MyTunesRSS, go to the “Users” section and click on the “create user” button.
  4. Now, create a username and password.
  5. After you have saved your settings, go back to the “Server” section in MyTunesRSS.
  6. Click on the “Start Server” button.
  7. Then, click on the “Server Info” button.
  8. Copy and paste the internal address into a web browser.
  9. In your web browser, you should see an login interface appear with a MyTunesRSS logo.
  10. If you’re using an AirPort Express/Extreme to go online, you need to enable Port Mapping.
  11. To do so, open up AirPort Admin Utility in theĀ Applications >Utilities folder.
  12. Then, go to the Port Mapping section in the AirPort Admin Utility and click on the Add button.
  13. In the drop-down menu, put in “8080”.
  14. For the Private Address, you need to enter “2”.
  15. Then skip the Private Port field.
  16. Once your online with MyTunesRSS server, you should see your music playlists.
  17. There are several options in the interface:
    1. The first is a green icon that shows the number of songs in the playlist.
    2. Use this if you want to browse through all the songs in a playlist.
    3. The second is an orange button with a radar-like icon.
    4. This will makes an RSS-like page for all of the songs in that particular playlist.
    5. The third is a blue button with a sideways triangle on it.
    6. This will create a live-streaming playlist on your desktop. Double click on it to open it in iTunes.
    7. The fourth is a green button with a volume icon on it.
    8. This will make a pop-up window with a Flash-based playlist where you can play all of the songs from the selected playlist.
    9. The final one is a green button with an upside down triangle icon on it.
    10. This will download all of the songs from the selected playlist into a folder onto your desktop.
  18. To download a single song:
    1. Click on the orange button, and an RSS-like page will open.
    2. You should see a link to the song on the page. Right-click on the link and select “Download Linked File”.
    3. The song should then appear on your desktop.
    4. Drag the song file into the iTunes dock icon and iTunes will automatically import it into iTunes.
    5. Then you move the song off your desktop and into the trashcan.

screenshots: 1 3 4 5-7 8 9 11 12 13-15 16 17_1 17_2 17_3 17_4 17_5 17_6 17_7 17_8 17_9 17_10 18_2 18_3 18_4 18_5

  1. Thanks, I’ve already become a huge fan of MyTunesRSS.

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