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iChat is a great instant-messaging app that I happen to use quite a bit with family and friends. There is a lot that you can do with iChat such as: video conversations, audio-chats, send files, and much more. There are some options that I wish would show up in iChat but they just don’t. One, for instance, is that small preview image of yourself that shows up in the video conversation window. Some other options are the ability to send SMS messages, double click on an image to openĀ  in Preview, and the ability to have tabbed chats. If iChat had these features, it would be the perfect client for instant-messaging. Surprisingly, you can turn iChat into a more featured iChat, by installing Chax. Chax is a plug-in for iChat that enables features like: tabbed chats, show animated user icons, hiding the audio/video status icon, message notification in the dock, custom fonts, Preview integration and more.