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One of my favorite features in Mac OS X is the Dock because it is like a “hub” for quick access to my frequently used applications. It can be even more helpful when you add folders and files to it. Since I often times need to open applications, I added my applications folder to my dock. Here’s how to add folders and files into your dock:

  1. Open up Finder.
  2. Go to the Applications folder.
  3. At the very top of the Finder window, you should notice a small folder icon that says “Applications”.
  4. Click and drag that into the Dock.
  5. The trick is that you place the folder to the left of that “split-line” in the Dock.
  6. Once the folder is in the Dock, I suggest you right-click on the folder so you can navigate faster through the folder.
  7. You can also add your Home folder, Documents, Music, Pictures, Movies, and other folders or files into the Dock as well.

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