Web Developer & Photographer

Once in a while, when I’m on the web, there are some interesting words I notice. Sometimes, they’re unfamiliar words. I usually open up the Dictionary app and type in the word that I want to be defined. Having to open up Dictionary each time I needed a definition got a little bit too repetitive for me. If you are in any (Cocoa-based) Mac OS X application, and want to see a definition for a word, you can do so with just a few keystrokes:

  1. Hold down the ⌘ (Command), Control, and “D” keys with the mouse pointer on the word.
  2. A small window will come up with a definition of the word.
  3. If you keep holding down the ⌘ (Command) and Control keys, you can move your mouse pointer over other words to get more definitions.

screenshots: Click here for a screenshot