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Besides backing up my files, I figured it might also be important to maintain my Mac. When I searched for the best possible solution for maintaining Macs, I got many different answers. Some people said they only use Disk Utility to repair permissions. Others said they use applications like MainMenu and Yasu. I tried both of these apps and I liked MainMenu over Yasu for the ease of use. Still, I wasn’t sure that MainMenu was the best possible solution, so I kept looking. Then, I came across a miraculous utility called OnyX. It performs every possible maintenance task on your Mac. By using OnyX, I have increased the speed of my Mac, prevented a complete re-installation of Mac OS X Tiger, saved a trip from going to the Genius Bar, and saved a call to AppleCare. With OnyX you can: perform maintenance scripts, repair permissions, clear caches, rebuild Spotlight index, change your login screen, put the dock anywhere, change the screen capture format, edit the number of pages in Safari’s history, and a whole lot more. OnyX is an application that I can’t live without.