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Ever since Mac OS X has been out, there has been a consistent theme throughout each OS. In the Aqua interface you get the “brushed” metal look, shiny buttons, and those “horizontal lines”. After a year or so of using Mac OS X Tiger, you may get tired of the “brushed” metal look. Thankfully, there is a way to change this look and “unify” the interface. UNO will change your interface to UNO (looks like Mail’s interface), Shaded UNO, and the Default (Aqua). The nice feature is the ability to change which applications use UNO. For instance, you can set it up to make the “brushed” metal windows to look like the Shaded UNO texture. Another nice feature, is the ability to change the Application’s Skin. An example would be iTunes, with the new Aqua-grey interface, iTunes looks very different and somewhat inconsistent with the Mac OS X Aqua interface. UNO will enable you to revert iTunes back to the original Aqua-blue interface. That puts it all in a nutshell for you, now you just need to try it out.