Web Developer & Photographer

When I am working, I find it more efficient to keep my hands on my keyboard at all times. There are only a select few apps for the Mac that make it easy to keep your hands off your mouse and on your keyboard. My favorite app that does this is Quicksilver. With Spotlight, you can only search for files on your Mac and that’s about it. With Quicksilver, you can: search for files on your Mac, open up bookmarks in Safari/Camino/Firefox, add a new album to iPhoto, move files to locations, and much much more. If you use Finder, you will often times notice how much clicking is involved. In Quicksilver, just type in a few keystrokes and the file you want is there. There are lots of plug-ins to enhance your Quicksilver experience, so play around and find some ones that you like. Assuming all of this may be overwhelming, I highly recommend visiting Merlin Mann’s website 43 Folders or watching his podcasts.