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Ever since I got my CanoScan 8600F scanner, I have been looking for some good software (besides the included software that comes with the scanner) to import from my scanner onto my computer. Well, after lots of research on many applications that can do this, I found out I didn’t need to do any more researching. The Mac already comes with an application that allows you to import from the scanner. It’s called Preview. With it, you can change the format of what you are scanning as well as the resolution of the scanned object. Here’s how to scan images within Preview:

  1. Open up Preview from the Applications folder in Finder or from your dock.
  2. Make sure the scanner is on with the object you want to be scanned in it.
  3. Go to File > Import Image.
  4. The scanner should scan the object and shortly after, Preview will show a picture of it.
  5. Use your mouse cursor and drag it across the part of the picture that you want displayed in Preview.
  6. I would recommend to change the Resolution to a higher format for a better picture and to change the Format to JPEG for a smaller file size.
  7. After you have made any other changes you wanted to, click on the Scan button and wait for the final result to show up.

screenshots: 1 3 4 5 6 7