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When I make PowerPoints, I drag the images I would like to use onto the slide. Since, Mac OS X uses QuickTime and a TIFF compressor to make the image (you dragged) show up, if you made your PowerPoint on a Mac and present it on a PC, there would be a little white box where the image would have been. In the box it says, “QuickTime and a TIFF compressor are needed to display this image”. To make your PowerPoint compatible with a PC:

  1. Insert the image instead of dragging it, by going to Insert > Picture > From File…
  2. If the image is from a website, right-click on the image and Save Image to the Desktop, then insert the image using step 1.

screenshots: 1 2

  1. Just open the Formating Palette and apply the scratch tool on every picture. It forces the file to be converted into a file viewable on a PC powerpoint. It’s that simple, took me hours to figure out, but works like a charm.

  2. Phil, thanks sharing for that option, I never thought of that.


  3. Where is the scratch tool? Is it available on PowerPoint 2008 for Mac?

  4. The Scratch Tool is no longer available in PowerPoint 2008 for Mac. I would suggest using the “Insert” method instead, where you go to Insert > Picture in PowerPoint. This will avoid any potential errors when displaying your PowerPoint on a PC.

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