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Recently I was working on a website using an eCommerce platform, which requires a database. In a situation like that, where I’ll need PHP and MySQL, I prefer to use MAMP for its simplicity. It’s a great application for the Mac that enables you to setup a local server environment in a matter of seconds. Yet, I came across a rather bothersome problem the other day when I opened up MAMP and noticed a red circle for the “MySQL Server” status, which prohibited me from being able to work on the website. Fortunately, with Activity Monitor or Terminal, there are two very quick solutions to this problem.

Using Terminal

  1. First, if MAMP is currently open, go ahead and quit it.
  2. Open up Terminal from the Utilities folder within Applications.
  3. In the command line, type in "sudo killall mysqld".
  4. Type in your admin password when asked.
  5. If you open MAMP, you should now see two green statuses.

screenshots: 2 3 5

Using Activity Monitor

  1. First, if MAMP is currently open, go ahead and quit it.
  2. Open up Activity Monitor from the Utilities folder in Applications.
  3. Look for “mysqld” under the list of processes currently running.
  4. Select it, and click on the red “Quit Process” button in the top left corner.
  5. Choose “Force Quit” when the drop-down window appears.
  6. Now, when you open MAMP, there will be a green status next to MySQL Server.

screenshots: 2 3 4-5 6