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Recently I purchased a set of Anti-Glare Film for my refurbished 16GB iPod touch. First, I must say my refurbished iPod touch came in the mail without a scratch on the front or back. It came with new packaging, documentation, earphones, and a cleaning cloth. I was stunned at how my first refurb product from Apple turned out so well. In the end, I paid $219 for a 16GB iPod touch that costs $299 retail.

Now back to the Anti-Glare film set I bought. There was a slight problem — I ordered the one for the 2nd generation iPod touch, when I have the 1st generation. The thing is there was no clear way for me to know this until I applied the film set and noticed it didn’t fit correctly around the home button (square button). After about five attempts at applying the film set, I gave up and just took it off. I threw away the package when I got it originally (thinking that I would not need to keep it). So, when I called Apple’s Customer Service hotline, I wasn’t sure they would allow me to exchange or return the item. After waiting for less than two minutes on the phone, Customer Service picked up. I told them what happened about getting the wrong film set. Then I told them honestly that I threw away the package and was not sure how I could do a return. They placed a next-day order of the Anti-Glare film set for the 1st generation iPod touch for no charge at all. I couldn’t believe it. After this experience, I now understand why Apple has such a high-ranked customer support.

A few pointers that I should mention, I used eight Apple gift cards on Black Friday when I made this purchase over the phone. I made it over the phone because Apple gift cards beyond 3 years do not have a PIN and therefore are not valid with online purchases. Apple kindly helped me out on the phone with the order. The mistake was that the agent ordered the wrong Anti-Glare film set (which is not so easy to find on Apple’s online store).

Just a few things I learned after applying the film onto my iPod touch twenty times. The first time will rarely work perfectly, there is always a small particle of dust. What I learned is to take it off the iPod using a post it note on one of the corners and place the film sticky-side up on top of something like a magazine. Then get three strips of masking tap to cover the sticky side of the film. That strips the dust off. Then reapply the film. Start towards the bottom, lining up the home button and the hole on the film and use a credit card to slowly press the film down. When you’re done you will see the bubbles made from the masking tape. If you wait about 1 hour they completely go away and it looks perfect. If you do notice dust later on, just follow the masking tape trick. Hope that helps.

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