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Safari has always been able to read/open PDF documents quite fast using Preview. Some people choose to view PDF’s in Safari using Adobe Acrobat Reader because of the tools it has, but if you didn’t know this already—Preview can do just about all of what Acrobat can do (for viewing PDF’s in Safari). Here’s how:

  1. Open a PDF in Safari.
  2. Once it loads, right-click on the document.
  3. A contextual menu should with many options: Back, Reload, Save Page As…, Print Page, Open with Preview, Automatically Resize, Actual Size, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Single Page, Single Page Continuous, Two Pages, Two Pages Continuous, Next Page, and Previous Page.
  4. Most of those features I just listed are pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll touch base on a few of the less-known ones.
  5. Automatically Resize will expand the PDF size according to your browser.
  6. Single Page Continuous is the default setting for viewing PDF’s—all the pages will appear, scroll down to view them.
  7. Two Pages Continuous is similar to Single Page Continuous except there is one more page that will appear.

screenshots: 2-3 5 6 7