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This past year, I’ve been doing lots of reading mostly from two of my favorite authors: Daniel Silva and David Baldacci. Due to how books are printed nowadays, I find it much easier read a hardcover book than a paperback. The font size and line spacing is much larger with hardcover books. The only setback with purchasing hardcover books is the hefty price tag. Thanks to the online store, Amazon, purchasing hardcover books has never been easier. This is more of a personal experience I’m going to share with shopping on Amazon. First off, let me tell you that buying used books is not a bad thing. In fact, I’ve purchased over 15 used books these past two years on Amazon, saving me well over 200 dollars.  Here are several pointers I have about finding the best deal for used books for when you go onto Amazon.

  1. Search for the book that you would like to purchase.
  2. When you go to the page that shows the book you want, look for a round box that says “Also Available In”.
  3. If there is not a box, then just click the used link.
  4. The reason I like to use the box is that is where you can find the hardcover versions.
  5. When you see the version of the book you like, just click the link next the type of book you want.
  6. For example, if I wanted Hardcover, I’d click the link in the Other Offers column that is directly across from “Hardcover”.
  7. After you click that link, a new page will load with all of the used, new, and collectible versions of the book.
  8. If you want the best deal, browse through the used/new selection and try to find one under a dollar — most of the time you will.
  9. Even is if it is a used book, most are in readable condition (just read the user comments to make sure).
  10. Once you’ve found the book, just add it to your cart.
  11. If you do the math, buying a brand new hardcover would have cost me about $25 at a local bookstore. Instead I payed $4 for a used book ($0.01 for the book + $3.99 for shipping). Pretty good reason to use Amazon, right?

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